Employer accounts

We have launched the first iteration of employer accounts on Breakout Careers. An employer account allows you to post jobs, manage your company profile, and invite team members. If you work at an Australian startup or tech company, and are hiring. Please sign up, we'd love to have you. It's 100% free.

UI/UX Improvements

We spent the holiday period improving the design and user experience. We did this by adding a search bar to let you search for jobs by location, skills or company on any page; split up jobs on the homepage into groups based on recency; improved search on organisation page allowing you to search by industry, location and company name; and improved the mobile experience on job post pages.

Server-side rendering and speed optimisation

We spend the last week working on server-side rendering and splitting up our asset files to speed up load times and make it easier for search engines to crawl the site to improve our SEO. It'll have the added bonus of making the site easier to use for you, you'll be waiting less time on each page load!

We've added dedicated location pages for every city on Breakout Careers.

Companies database

We've added a companies page to make it simple to find and explore the Australian tech and startup ecosystem.

Rebuilt from the ground up with better mobile support, company pages, company job pages, and individual job posts.

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