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Transform the way you buy, sell, and store grain.

At AgriDigital we develop solutions to make agricultural supply chains simple, easy, and secure from farmer through to consumer.  Our cloud-based commodity management platform encompasses all players across the supply chain - farmers, buyers, storage operators and in time, consumers to operate and interact on one platform for the transaction of commodities that world over.  

Currently based in Australia and focused on grain, AgriDigital manages all your contracts, deliveries, inventory, orders, invoices and payments in real time.

AgriDigital founders Bob McKay, Ben Reid, and Emma Weston have a deep knowledge of agricultural supply chains.  With over 80 years of combined agricultural experience, they've grown, trade, exported, and marketed grain globally.  Their vision is for anyone, anywhere to be able to trade and finance their agricultural commodities with confidence 

Pioneers in innovation and technology, AgriDigital is dedicated to piloting and proving out blockchain solutions to improve trust and transparency through the supply chain.  Our global protocol will be launched in 2019. 

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