BioScout was born out of the frustration of a PhD candidate and two honours students from the University of Sydney who realised there was no efficient way of tracking the spread of plant and human airborne diseases.

Realising this, we began developing a state-of-the-art preventative monitoring platform that allows growers, agronomists and researchers to track and monitor disease spread in their fields. By providing them with detailed data-driven disease maps, they are able to see where, when, and what is endangering their crops. Using this information, users have peace of mind about their crops' health, yield quality and can minimise financial losses due to yield cuts and fungicide application.

We are the field leaders in airborne disease tracking and providers of meaningful data, maps and models. We are a cross-disciplinary team with experience in industrial IT, infectious diseases and bioengineering. BioScout’s integrated system is able to deliver tailored industry solutions to large-scale disease problems.  

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