ByGen is a spin-out company from the chemical engineering department at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, and was founded in collaboration with Innovyz. Our company has developed revolutionary new technology for the production of high-quality activated carbon. This approach requires significantly less energy and infrastructure than the traditional methods of activated carbon production. For these reasons, we can utilise cheap and abundant agricultural wastes, instead of the traditional coal, hardwood, or coconut husk.

Waste value-adding

ByGen offers a method for agricultural producers to add significant value to wastes and by-products that currently have little or no value. These wastes often present expensive and challenging disposal problems, and traditionally there have been few options available for adding value to these materials.

Biochar upgrading

Our process allows current biochar and charcoal producers to add significant value to their product by its conversion to high-value activated carbon. Our units can be easily retrofitted to existing carbonisation plants in order to enhance the internal surface area and surface oxygen content of the previous char product, increasing its value and market viability.

High-value product

The activated carbon produced by ByGen in our novel low-cost process can fit into the existing global market. 

This market is currently valued at around $4bn and is growing substantially. Our product can be used for precious metal recovery, water purification, cosmetics, and many other applications.

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