We’ve always been obsessed with making work better for people.
Back in 2007, that meant designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. Today, it means designing a more enlightened way of working – on files, projects and more.

Most “productivity tools” drain creative energy. They constantly ping, distract and disrupt your team’s flow. And none of them connect, so you spend your days switching between apps, tracking down feedback. It’s busywork, not the meaningful stuff. We want to change this.

So we’re building a home for all of your team’s work. A better way to stay in flow and bring your team’s best ideas to life. A set of tools that maximise inspiration and minimise distraction. 

So you can focus on what matters. 

About Dropbox

Office address

  • 5 Martin Place, Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000
  • Remote CBD, Everywhere

Company size

1001-5000 people

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