Thousands of stores around the world rely on Kounta’s flexible and scalable cloud-based Point of Sale System. Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run any store.

Kounta can be securely used in both on and offline modes on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even the traditional POS equipment stores already have, while seamlessly connecting to popular online and mobile add-ons like accounting, loyalty, e-commerce and more.

Kounta is

Painless to set up, and easy to use
, which makes it perfect for small business owners who do all the back office work—like accounting and inventory—themselves.

“Hardware agnostic,” an industry term that means it will run on just about any platform, a notion which really has nothing to do with agnosticism, so we’d prefer to call it “platform independent.”

A great tool for customer retention
, with its built-in CRM tools that let you target your marketing more precisely—and successfully.

Able to seamlessly integrate with popular social/mobile apps and e-commerce sites
, expanding your digital reach by rewarding loyal customers and enticing new ones.

Highly scalable
, and will effortlessly grow right alongside you as your business expands.

to popular cloud accounting services.

enough to manage your entire business.

About Kounta

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51-200 people

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