Hi, I’m Alice and I want to share with you why I created Ovira.

For years, I suffered from debilitating period pain as a result of endometriosis. I’m talking blackout pain, vomiting, days in bed.

Every. Single. Month.

I tried it all: painkillers, the contraceptive pill, hot water bottles. You name it, I tried it.

But, like so many of you, these didn't give me the relief I desperately needed. Because living with pain doesn’t start and end with your period; it impacts your work, social life, confidence and mental health. It’s incredibly isolating.

I set out to get some answers. Only I found that there were no answers that took into account my long-term health or happiness. I shouldn’t have been surprised, the healthcare industry doesn’t have a good track record of making women’s reproductive health a priority.

So, I did as we women do and took the matter into my own hands. And in my research around other pain therapies, I discovered pulse therapy. Instant relief that doesn't harm the body? Yes, please. 

Using pulse therapy lets me live my best life – which is sharing Ovira with you.

About Ovira

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