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At Purposeful, we believe that the world is a better place when everyone finds their place in it. Our vision is for a planet where everyone lives in alignment with their purpose, and is fulfilled by meaningful work.

At any point in a young person's life when they feel lost, unsure or confused, Purposeful is what you can fall back on to redirect you towards a future you are passionate about. Our mission is to empower young people to realise the vision they have for their futures, and create their own way in the world.

The North Star ⭐

With such a big vision, where on Earth do you start? Here's what the first 6 months of 2021 are shaping up to look like at Purposeful.

  • 📚 Redesigning careers education programs in leading WA high schools
  • 👩‍💻 Building, measuring and iterating tech products/services supported by a purposeful, scalable and sustainable business model
  • 🌱 Growing our community to create space for meaningful connections & conversations with young people
  • 🚀 Putting foundational systems in place to prepare to scale in a purposeful way

Our Values 🧭

These are the principles that guide us. They're the only firm 'how's' that our company lives by. They define the way in which we intend to grow, which at Purposeful is just as important as where we grow to.

Authentic ❤

We tell it like it is, not what people think it should be. There is strength in being genuine; you don’t have to compromise on who you are, and as a result there is humility - being honest when you don’t have the answer rather than bullshitting your way through. Knowing that the truth is enough, it doesn’t need to be glorified or changed to what you think someone needs to hear. 

What we do is honest and unfiltered (rare in the digital age) and as a result, has a deeper resonance with everyone. If people are really aligned with your vision then they will respect this and you will build more genuine customers and relationships as a result. People often shy away from the truth, but we confront it with the goal of understanding and accepting it. We’re not driven by society’s expectations or the steps we are ‘supposed’ to take, we do it our own way.


This is our not so secret sauce; it is at the core of everything that we do and it is the thing that will enable our long term success. Everything that we do has a higher meaning. Our decisions are driven by our why, we don’t do things simply for the sake of it or just because we can. We have our own definition of success and we stick by it. In other words, is this action going to contribute directly to helping young people to create meaningful and fulfilling futures for themselves?

We take proactive steps towards achieving our vision and our goals, rather than being reactive to opportunities in our external environment. It means that we have to be patient, and able to let go of seemingly shiny opportunities that may come our way if they aren’t aligned with our purpose. The reason we exist is to change a system, so this means we might have to make short-term sacrifices for meaningful growth and long-term rewards. Choosing purpose is choosing sustainability, relevance and the creation of genuine value, because our focus is on solving a deep-set human problem.

Being led by purpose is hard, because it often means going against the way everyone else does things. This approach is the most difficult for others to understand, but it is so important to achieving our goals.

Empathetic 👫

Everything that we do has a heart behind it. We are here to redefine how people educate each other and how they do business. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be arrogant or ostentatious or put bluntly, a jerk who doesn’t care about others in order to be successful. If you’re doing that, then in our books you’re not being successful.

Empathy is critical - empathy for the perceived ‘other’ or ‘enemy’, empathy for the system itself and those working in it, empathy for each other, for your team mates. You can’t change a system, a system which is made up of people, if you don’t care about them and remind yourself of what their experience is. Empathy is recognising that no one is really ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; everyone has their own truth, that is their true experience and the perspective they have formed for valid reasons. We have to understand that and find the value in diverse perspectives, and finding things to agree on with people who are completely different to you.

Always remind yourself of the human perspective on things, and ask yourself, who am I trying to serve? What more can I do? Empathy is what should flow through every process and program. It recognises that we must meet people where they are at in order to take them to where they need to be. Just because we are authentic and brave and honest, does not mean that we have to be mean about it. Deliver your truth with compassion and listen to others as they speak theirs.

Brave 🦁

We are changemakers (sorry to be cliche) and that means that you have to expect resistance and setbacks, always. It’s not going to be easy and you can guarantee that the system is going to push back at you on everything. You have to be ready to get back up again, and use the setbacks as a learning opportunity to grow and build resilience. In times of doubt, remember your purpose.

Being brave is about making decisions from a place of strength, not fear, because choices driven by fear never lead to the best outcome. People are comfortable with how things have always been, even if they are less than ideal, and so it takes a great deal of courage to push back against that.

To us bravery also comes with a degree of feistiness, pushing the envelope enough to reveal new insights or value. Bravery is not settling for what has already been done or others do, it’s challenging yourself to create something different, to push things just a little further.

Catalysing 💣

Every touchpoint or interaction that someone has with Purposeful is meaningful, authentic and exciting. Whether it’s replying to someone’s comment on an Instagram post, or giving a keynote presentation, we always challenge ourselves to take our impact to the next level.

We don’t settle for “okay” or what is already out there. This doesn’t mean we are perfectionists, we’re just purposeful. We’re all about creating new value that challenges how people think, in order to help them to connect better to themselves. Everything that we do has something extraordinary about it, it uncovers something new and real and isn’t ashamed to do so.

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