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Senior Software Engineer - Quantum Computing at Quantum Brilliance

$90k - $140k in Canberra, ACT

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Do you enjoy solving challenging and unique problems? This is an opportunity to join a highly innovative team and help pioneer one of the defining technologies of the coming century.

About us

Quantum Brilliance is a world leader in building commercially viable quantum computers, operating at room temperature and powered by diamond. Our vision is to provide ubiquitous quantum computing: from data centres to hospitals, from autonomous vehicles to remote facilities.

Quantum Brilliance leverages technology developed by our founders at ANU. We are working with global leaders in supercomputing, computer manufacturing, and diamond fabrication to rapidly bring our first product to market.

We are looking for people to work closely with our co-founders, and alongside industry leaders, to help us take quantum computing out of the lab. As a Software Engineer, you will receive on-the-job training and an abundance of learning opportunities whilst helping to build our quantum software stack.

About the role

In this role, you will play an integral part in building Quantum Brilliance’s software stack, and will also collaborate closely with Quantum Brilliance customers. The role includes:

  • Working closely with the founders and quantum hardware team
  • Designing, building, testing and documenting software modules from scratch
  • Integrating existing open-source solutions to the quantum software stack
  • Working with customers, such as leading HPC centres in Australia and internationally, to integrate quantum computing into their systems

Prior experience with quantum computing or quantum physics is helpful, but not required. We'll work with you to build and expand your knowledge.

Essential skills and experience

  • Excellent in Linux systems, Python and C++
  • Ability to independently define and solve problems
  • Ability to set priorities to accomplish multiple tasks within deadlines, and adapt to rapidly changing needs
  • Comfortable leading and working as part of teams, and communicating ideas that can be understood by others
  • Master’s degree or PhD in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or a related technical field
Expertise in at least one of:
  • HPC and distributed computing systems and packages (e.g. MPI)
  • Accelerated computing (e.g. GPUs + CUDA, FPGAs, ASICs)
  • Quantum algorithms and applications
Skills and experience that will help you excel:
  • Experience contributing to all aspects of the software lifecycle, in a production environment
  • Expertise in ML/AI
  • Knowledge in quantum computing, including leading industrial quantum computing APIs
  • Experience working closely with scientists and researchers

Why Quantum Brilliance?

At Quantum Brilliance, you’ll join a team of experts working to create massive, transformative impact. You’ll join a team of problem-solvers, who are curious and driven to understand and master new things. We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment, where we learn from the unique expertise that each person brings, and support the growth of each team member.

How to apply

Send your CV and a cover letter to contact-at-quantum-brilliance.com. In your cover letter, tell us why you want to work at Quantum Brilliance, and anything else you'd like us to know.

We're preparing for rapid growth in the coming months. If you're interested in working at Quantum Brilliance but don't feel this is the right role for you, please get in touch with us at contact-at-quantum-brilliance.com.

Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.

About Quantum Brilliance

Office address

  • Canberra CBD, ACT, 2600
  • Melbourne CBD, VIC, 3000

Company size

1-10 people

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