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Head of Sales Management at TikTok

Sydney, NSW

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  • Responsible for reporting and measurement of sales pipeline;
  • Formulate sales management policies for different countries markets according to the business development stage and strategy orientation, including but not limited to: contract management, negotiations, sales performance incentive, agent management, business distribution and promote implementation and tracking;
  • Influence and drive the development of sale tools and platforms in partnership with the product development team;
  • Establish a global sales business data tracking and monitoring system, analyse and interpret sales business data in-depth, monitor all links, find existing problems and assist in developing corresponding solutions;
  • Participate in the optimisation of the overall Ad Sales process, promote the systematic support required by the Sales process, and solve the cross-team communication, coordination and project promotion of the team conflict of interest in the sales business;
  • Management of the ad operations and sales management team members.


  • Minimum 8 years of relevant work experience;
  • Excellent ability to analyse and solve problems. Great logical and data sensitivity;
  • Excellent communication skills, executive ability and ability to handle high-pressure environments;
  • Minimum Bachelors degree in Management/Commerce.

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  • Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000

Company size

1001-5000 people

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