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Senior Platform Engineer - Azure at Willow

Sydney, NSW

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Founded in 2017, Willow is a global technology start up developing and evolving digital twin technology.
The WillowTwin™ is a ground-breaking software solution that deploys digital twins for the built world to collect, organise, and analyse data.
Recently Ranked in LinkedIn's "2020 Australian Top 10 Startups", you will be joining a team of high-performance individuals, backed by the most advanced integrating technology the built world has ever seen. We are chartering a new course, Digital First, the Willow Way. Our 'Willow World' is fast paced, nurturing and collaborative.

You will work on our Azure platform and associated services to measure, monitor, and maximize the availability, efficiency, security and performance of our live services, applications, and systems. You will leverage technical expertise to focus on solving problems related to software development in the cloud, and you will partner with engineers, technical leads, security specialists, and engineering managers to help improve our engineering practices.

Tech Skills & Experience

  • Required
    • 3+ years of current experience in the Azure platform, with a focus on PaaS features
    • 7+ years of experience in a commercial software development environment
    • Extensive knowledge of cloud based deployment approaches
    • Current experience with AKS, Helm, and (Linux) container based deployments
    • Current experience with IaaC tools such as Terraform or Pulumi
    • Extensive experience in monitoring, alerting, and security of services in production
    • Reporting and tracking of Azure consumption
    • Excellent written English and asynchronous communication skills
  • Nice to have - at least one of the following:
    • Experience with distributed systems and scaling
    • Automated deployment of mobile clients
    • Ring based deployments and feature flags
    • Experience in multiple forms of test automation
    • Experience in resiliency and failover testing in production
    • Experience working in a software company or startup
    • Software development experience

Personal Skills

  • Required
    • Collaborative approach to working with software engineering teams
    • Clear, reasoned thinking and strong problem solving skills
    • Disciplined approach to delivery and team practices
    • Experience in explaining trade-offs and risks in various choices 
    • Capacity to engage with non-technical people to reach an outcome
    • Ability to identify problems early, and to resolve them before they grow
  • Nice to have
    • Awareness of industry trends and a pragmatic approach to the adoption of new ideas
    • Experience working with distributed teams
    • Techniques that aid connection with people across timezones and cultures

If you are eager to work in a fast paced, high growth tech start up based on collaboration and open communication, then Willow could be the place for you. We at Willow never give up, we work smart, we care about our fellow human beings, and we always put our best foot forward.
Together we can build a brighter future for the built world - A world of curated journeys and personalised experiences.
To find out more, visit the website: https://www.willowinc.com

About Willow

Office address

  • 1 Farrer Place, Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000
  • Brisbane CBD, QLD, 4000

Company size

51-200 people

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