Founded and based in Sydney, WipeHero brings the carwash to you, wherever you are, using our very own developed waterless technology - From custom to fleet vehicles, homeowner to business, it's the new and convenient way to get your car washed.

At WipeHero, we have developed an innovative waterless washing technology that is biodegradable and food graded, allowing us to wash all forms of transport without a drop of water. We don't just save billions of litres of water per year, but it also saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint. With every wash, we help you tackle the biggest user of energy in the world; the water industry. Saving water saves energy, which helps mitigate the existing environmental problems we face.

Our team has been rigorously selected, from the host of product, engineering and operations staff to our friendly, enthusiastic washing heroes. We also tote a high tech waterless washing technology and a sophisticated technology platform that monitors every step of the service pipeline. WipeHero is leading the charge to a better, healthier car care industry.

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