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Senior Software Engineer at Harrison.ai

$120k in Barangaroo, NSW

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  • Participate in the design of the products to meet functionality and regulatory requirements, taking into account software robustness, scalability and performance
  • Collaborate closely with AI researchers, healthcare specialists and strategy managers to deliver excellent software products in an agile environment
  • Ensure that the products are adequately developed, tested, and are fit for purpose
  • Work in a passionate, dynamic, growing environment with the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new methodologies and technologies
  • Aim towards continuous delivery, removing obstacles and identifying potential for delivery, business and process improvements
  • Understand and communicate the constraints between immediate delivery and the long-term viability of the products
  • Implement experiments to assess the performance of various algorithms and architectures, using the quantitative results to iteratively improve the products

Some criteria to assess how you align with this role

  • Passion to make technology easy and accessible for everyone, such as peer engineers, AI researchers, clinicians
  • Experienced in designing, developing, maintaining high performance and scalable software products
  • Experienced in growing technical capabilities in team members
  • Experienced in developing performant algorithms and data pipelines

Technical skills

  • Strong focus on creating testable software, using current best practices to ensure software quality
  • Strong understanding of secure coding practices, and knowledge of mitigating common vulnerabilities
  • Strong understanding of technical practices such as clean code, pair programming, design patterns and tradeoffs

Highly rated technical skills

  • Python, Ruby, Java, TypeScript
  • Integration with healthcare products
  • Web technologies, React, Rails
  • Relational database
  • Deep learning, CNN, NLP
  • Containerization, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Distributed system, Spark, Elastic, Cassandra
  • Infrastructure as code, Ansible, Terraform
  • CI/CD, Jenkins, on-prem and cloud deployment, AWS, Azure

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Full Time

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  • 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW, 2000

Company size

11-50 people

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