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Frontend Software Engineer at Insight Timer

Sydney, NSW

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Insight Timer is the top rated free meditation app globally. We have reached 10 million users organically, but how do we get 100 million people into the platform and learning meditation? What is required to help new meditators engage at this scale? We are looking for a Frontend Software Engineer to help accelerate our efforts.


  • 2 years experience as a frontend software engineer
  • Knowledge in Javascript (ES6), React and web technologies (HTML/CSS)
  • Write re-usable, clean, structured code
  • Working with CI and Deployments
  • Comfortable with integrating third party services (eg. for analytics, tracking, ..)
  • Node.js, Typescript and back-end experience is a bonus

About Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the top rated and most used meditation app on both iOS and Android; with 10 million users and 4,000+ of the world's top teachers. Featured by TIME, Forbes, The New York Times and Vogue, Insight Timer also picked up the Editors Choice award by Google, and App of the Day by Apple across over 120 countries

About Insight Timer

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  • 210 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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1-10 people

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