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Computer Vision & Deep Learning Specialist at Nearmap

in Barangaroo, NSW

Job description

Want to do petabyte scale deep learning and ship product to real customers? If so, this opportunity may be for you. At Nearmap, we're growing our AI Systems, and we’re after a machine learning engineer who’s got enough experience to just come in and get stuck in.


At Nearmap, we have petabytes of high quality aerial imagery (covering half a million square kilometres a year at 5-7cm resolution, and regularly captured imagery back to 2009). We've also just started producing automated 3D models of entire cities. 


Couple that with recent progress in deep learning, cloud based GPU compute, and the opportunity to work with a vast network of customers and partners eager to extract commercial value through machine learning for a wide range of industries and applications, and you'll appreciate why data science at Nearmap is an exciting place to be. As a mature publicly listed startup, we have both the resources to allow you to succeed in your role, and the agility (thanks to cloud-based infrastructure) to rapidly take advantage of the latest developments in the field.


You will work within a team of data scientists, statisticians and engineers. Your particular expertise and passion, however, is in modern deep learning methods applied to computer vision. You’re capable of moving well beyond pre-trained keras models, eager and capable of coming up with custom architectures to take advantage of our rich data set of 2D, multi-view and 3D data.


A bit more about the culture…

At Nearmap, every opinion matters, our business model partnered with our open-door management style gives you the opportunity to make an impact. Our Nearmappers see the world differently and are intently focused on delivering the best location content in the world. Having a shared goal and a lot of fun reaching it is how our Nearmappers truly flourish at their home away from home. We're all super down-to-earth - except when we're in the sky capturing fresh imagery!


More about what you need to bring…

The main attributes we're after are:

  • Pragmatism: While extensive knowledge of deep learning and computer is highly valued, pragmatism wins over elaborate theory when it comes to shipping products that work.
  • Collaboration: We believe data science is a team sport, and are after candidates who can communicate well, share knowledge, and be open to taking on ideas from anyone in the team. Having worked on shared code-bases in a commercial environment is a big plus, but it's the attitude that matters most.
  • Technical Skills: A base of python, linux, and modern machine learning are key to any role in the team. The focus of this particular role is not just the ability to apply machine learning, but some solid experience doing it within the realm of imagery and conv nets. Experience with Keras, Tensorflow, 2D, multi-view and 3D data are highly valued.
  • Education and Experience: At minimum, a technical bachelors level degree (engineering, sciences, etc.), with a few years of experience beyond that (commercial or research) working with imagery.
  • Attention to detail: Showing attention to detail when it counts is important... to be considered for this role, click this link and apply some basic data science skills

Some of our perks include… 

  • Competitive pay, bonus plan and Employee Share Scheme
  • Flexible working environment, work life balance is a necessity  
  • Opportunities for continued career growth and development
  • Ergonomic workstations with sit stand desks
  • Fortnightly massages
  • Free reign of Nearmap’s products
  • Free healthy breakfast, snacks & lunches available in our kitchen with water views
  • An allowance to help you focus on your well being

Watch our culture video and find out more about what a day in the life at Nearmap looks like:


If you think you tick all the boxes and could see yourself working at Nearmap, we invite you to come and make a difference!

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