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Front End Developer at Biteable

in Hobart, TAS or Remote

Job description

G’day. Biteable here. We are looking for a skilled and motivated front-end developer to strengthen our (very nice) development team. The team’s core values are quality, trust, curiosity, and positivity. If yours are too, then you’ll want to read on.

All about you:

You’re into what you do. And you love learning new things. You’re enthusiastic, collaborative, and have a desire to build on your experience.


You care about your team. You’re respectful, empathetic, humble, kind and considerate. You’re interested in how it’s going with your team. And you know it’s important they care about you.


You get work done. While simultaneously finding new, more efficient ways to achieve your goals.


You code good. Real good. And you’re experienced in delivering non-trivial web applications.


You speak multiple languages. You’re accomplished in JavaScript, CSS (or languages that compile to CSS like SASS, LESS, Stylus) and HTML.


You are fluent in mobile web.And you’re experienced at designing and building for it.


You’re good in different paradigms. You have an excellent understanding of programming paradigms. And you know all about OOP or FP.


You know Ember or Vue. It’s your hidden, bonus power.


You’re preferably a woman. While it may or may not be your higher purpose, you’re into breaking down gender barriers and removing gender imbalance in the workplace.


All about the role:

Your main focus will be designing and authoring great code. Your tasks will be:

  • Writing clear, concise, readable and easily maintainable code
  • Contributing to team planning sessions
  • Providing input on the design and build of features and products
  • Reviewing code
  • Deploying your work to production regularly and monitoring it after release
  • Providing technical help for the customer support team as part of a rotating roster

All about us:

We are Biteable, a tech start-up that makes (jaw-dropping) videos possible for everyone. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.

We’re growing fast and have offices in Melbourne and Hobart, Australia, with team members scattered around the world. We’re informal, structurally flat and fun to work with. Our biggest teams are engineering, studio, and marketing.

All about your team:

You’ll be joining an established team of dedicated developers. They define themselves as supportive, rigorous, respectful, open, honest and egoless. Here’s why they choose to be part of Biteable:

“Biteable's team of smart, funny, engaged and caring people makes my work here enjoyable, every day. Being close to decisions and decision-makers helps me make an impact on our work.”


“The development team is a great group of people. They’re smart and interested in doing high-quality work, but foster a social and supportive atmosphere, too.”

“I’m thankful for the flexibility Biteable gives me around my family commitments. I really like that my team is open to new ideas and processes. And I enjoy that I get to work on a variety of problems with a mix of people with diverse areas of expertise.”


The team’s gender balance is currently very male, which is why we prefer that the team’s newest member be a woman.


How to apply:

Do the clicky-click or write to us Attach your CV and a killer cover letter. We’d also love to hear about what you see as the biggest challenges facing front-end development and what you think the future holds. The next step is a coding challenge and a video interview. If it feels good for both of us, you’ll be joining us at Biteable HQ faster than you can say, “Beck and Fowler.”

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