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Open Source Intelligence Security Analyst at UpGuard

in Sydney, NSW

Job description

UpGuard is looking for a talented Open Source Intelligence Security Analyst to join our team! You will be responsible for researching, evaluating and discovering new vectors which may lead to unnecessary data exposures in order to improve our Analyst services to our customers.

We're looking for someone who can get to the crux of our customers business requirements and scope, and quickly gain an understanding of their business processes, procedures and the risks that may result from their work practices. You are as comfortable in front of stakeholders as you are with obscure data sets in-front of a computer.

You also enjoy and have the ability to develop new in-house tools to improve process efficiency for yourself and team and are able to project manage their development so that they can be used at scale.



  • Research and evaluate new vectors which may lead to unnecessary data exposure
  • Develop and utilise in-house tools to discover, analyse and evaluate potential external  exposures of customers/prospects
  • Research,  evaluate and report on potential exposures for customers, prospects and partnered organisations
  • Work with customers and prospective customers to determine their business requirements and scope
  • Identify, investigate and analyse prospects and customers business processes, procedures and work practises to determine risks
  • Identify and evaluate inefficiencies in customer vendor/security management process/practises/system functionality
  • Project management of the development of new features/products using agile methodologies with the product team
  • Lend expertise, advice and recommendations to media and governmental organisations on the subject of data exposure and breaches
  • Manage and organise large amounts of data gathered from multiple sources and analyse it for risks posed to our customers

What we're looking for

  • You have more than 1 year of experience identifying and analysing data exposures
  • You have more than 1 year of developing new methods for discovering exposed data
  • You have experience and enjoy designing tools to automate your work and effectiveness
  • You have experience working with product teams (and have ideally been part of one) and are familiar with agile development methodologies
  • You are highly collaborative, and are just as comfortable giving as you are receiving feedback
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills and have the ability to translate highly technical subjects in layman’s terms
  • You have can write excellent content and have previously worked in marketing role
  • Experience liaising with media, government and regulatory bodies on the subject of data exposures and breaches
  • You have experience in a customer facing role and enjoy understanding the scope of their pain point
  • You have deep knowledge of our industry having previous experience in vendor/security management

What's in it for you

  • High level exposure to a fast-growing cyber security market selling to c-level executives
  • Rapid personal and professional development opportunity
  • Exposure to and opportunities to work collaboratively with marketing, product, operations and customer success
  • Excellent package including incentives  - free lunch, flexible work arrangements and gym reimbursement program
  • A great team and working environment in Sydney’s CBD

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