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Product Owner at HappyCo

in Adelaide, SA

Job description

You’re a people-person who loves solving customer problems with software. You care about making others happy. You resonate with our company’s core values.

Maybe you are you an experienced Product Owner looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to further advance your skills? It’s ok if you aren’t this person, but one thing is for sure, you will be the sort of person who is great at listening well to customer problems and translating those into solutions they will love.


You will love working with skilled software engineers and product designers as much as with customers, and be able to garner their respect and trust.

You will also be looking for and relish a role that sees you regularly travel, often to the US, and you’re an early starter who doesn’t mind getting on early calls from time to time.

If this is sounding great keep reading...


Product Owner duties & responsibilities

You’ll be employed full-time and reporting to the VP of Product. Working with them you will:

  • Provide product vision and direction to the software engineering team and throughout the feature development process
  • Plan and prioritise the product feature backlog to ensure that the software engineering team always has an adequate amount of prior prepared tasks to work on. You will enjoy writing the documents this requires.
  • Define product vision, road-map and growth opportunities
  • Work with customer-facing teams and directly with customers to assess value, develop cases, and prioritise work that returns maximum value to customers and that is aligned with product strategy
  • Lead the product feature release process, ensuring customers are informed of and are using what is being developed
  • Manage the idea backlog, evaluating and promoting ideas to the roadmap
  • Research and analyse the market, the customers
  • Follow our competitors and the industry

Product Owner requirements & qualifications

  • Ideally, you will have previous working experience as a Product Owner or hands-on experience managing all stages of the product lifecycle.
  • Ideally a technical background but certainly a working knowledge of software development and web technologies.
  • A working knowledge of Agile development process and principles.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills, you will be someone people trust and love working with.
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to hear a need, drill to find the real problem, and propose a solution.
  • Love traveling, often internationally, and spending time directly with customers.
  • An early starter, someone who doesn’t mind getting up early from time to time to work with the East Coast of the USA.
  • Have a passion for great design and creating delightful user experiences.

How to apply

As part of your application, please include answers to the following questions.

  1. Name three B2B SaaS products you think are great, and why
  2. What product/development process frameworks have you experienced? What didn’t you like and why?

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