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Senior Product Manager (Strategy) at Athena

in Sydney, NSW

Job description

Meet Athena, the Home Loan Wrecker

The big banks are definitely having a lend… locking borrowers into a life sentence, charging them for sneezing, and giving 0% interest in treating customers like people. We know, we used to work for them.

Enter Athena, the Game-Changing Goddess of Good Stuff. She spoke to us (well it was more of a roasting) and talked of a brighter future where people could be freed of their mortgage handcuffs. "It’s not about getting a home loan, it’s about getting rid of a £#!*ing home loan!" She was right. We did the sums and worked out that without the big bank costs and complications, and by creating our own ground-breaking tech platform that enables us to bypass the banks to access new methods of funding, then we actually could slice a pretty huge chunk of time and money off the life of the loan

Athena is all about disruption and doing things differently, we are here to completely flip the home loan market on its head and shake up the whole thing. And to do that we need to hire a wickedly talented team who are driven by wanting to make an impact on people’s lives, lead with heart and move at speed. 

We’re 18 months old and have just launched into the wild and are past the “crazy first days” of a fintech start up and now into the “crazy just launched with bucket-loads of opportunity” phase as we scale the business growth and the current team of ~70 talented Athenians. We’ve also got an amazing bunch of investors behind us, from Macquarie Bank, to Square Peg Capital, Airtree Ventures and Apex capital. Game on!

Who you are

You are an entrepreneurial, curious and impact driven Product Manager. You can play across entire product field from ideation through to execution. You are a story teller, and motivate others to action. You are adaptable, flexible and prioritise learning about what can make a difference to our customers above all else. Fundamentally, you are a multiplier and find ways to bring out the best in people. You are the curator of the best ideas, not the only creator of ideas – but damn do you have some brilliant ideas to put into the mix

This role bridges the product management and strategy divide – turning grand visions into tangible realities. The strategist in you can assess external and internal landscapes to identify gaps and opportunities. You will drive a clear perspective on what Athena needs to do to deepen competitive advantage and adapt to evolving markets and unmet customer needs. The product manager in you know how to pursue solutions to these needs that are impactful, feasible and value producing.

Our Athena culture goals resonate deeply with you:

  • Break whats broken
  • Lead with heart
  • Be straight up
  • Move at speed

What you get to do

As a senior player in the Product Management team, in your role as Product Manager – Strategy, you will have fun doing these kinds of things:


Finding gaps in the market – reviewing landscapes to identify market gaps and opportunities Athena can win at and make a difference in. Performing competitive analysis to identify the biggest gaps and unique ways to solve these. You focus on finding a very smart how, that is hard to replicate.


Focussing on impact – winning is not just about making Athena successful. At its heart it's about helping Australians, and Athena customers to get ahead and reach financial freedom. Everything we do is driven by being a “difference maker” in peoples lives. You need to inherently care, and be able to communicate a vision that inspires others.


Scaling success – identifying solutions that can scale the Athena business model and create new unfound value. You continuously find new ways to create value for customers and for Athena, and understand how to drive through a product adoption curve.


Building compelling product strategies & business cases – managing a portfolio of different opportunities, you are able to create articulate and motivating documents that provide cut through for readers and enable powerful decision making.


Team playing and growth sponsoring – you will work directly with a wickedly smart team of Product Managers who are mad passionate about their products. You can provide a glue between them, and the squads and the big opportunities out there. By working together deeply, we share knowledge, growth and create the best outcomes.


Product Management goodness – you enjoy flexing across the full spectrum of product delivery and execution in the squads, planning & roadmapping, selling the product (go to market activities, content, social support), data and analytics etc. 

Your superpowers.....

Head: Strategy & decision making

  • Competitive analysis
  • Ideation, Product development
  • Product market fit
  • Business case
  • Problem solving
  • Options thinking
  • Cognitive biases

Heart: Leadership & teamwork

  • Positive mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Servant leadership & being a great leader
  • Collaboration with designers, engineers and the product team
  • Influence & persuasion
  • Empathy & EQ

Hands: Product Management

  • Product vision
  • Prioritisation
  • Product lifecycle
  • Minimal viable product
  • Customer discovery & design thinking
  • Execution
  • Measuring success
  • Delivery methodologies – SCRUM, Kanban etc

Minds: Communication

  • Listening & asking
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Pitching ideas
  • Public speaking
  • Visual communication
  • Story telling

Lending: Domain knowledge

  • Deep lending technical & product expertise
  • Lending industry knowledge

Where you’ve come from

The paths that have led you here may be varied, but you have spent a large portion of your life caring about strategic analysis and building amazing products that solve important customer problems. You’ve worked as a leader for many years, inspiring and leading teams as you go. Ideally you’re a home lending expert, or a broader lending expert. And this isn’t your first time at the rodeo, you’ve been building products, running businesses and leading teams for 7 years +.


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