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Support Manager at Employment Hero

in Sydney, NSW

Job description

The Employment Hero Support Manager, is responsible for leading and managing a team of consultants tasked with the ongoing support of Employment Hero products to customers and clients. 


As the Support Manager, you will act as an escalation point, mentor, and facilitator to the team to help ensure the service provided is the highest quality possible.


Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Mentoring and Leading the support team.
  • Assisting with the resolution of issues raised by the team and by clients.
  • Act as an escalation point for clients and internal team members in the resolution of any issues.
  • Collaborate with different teams to analyse ticket data and project feedback to help make changes that will improve Employment Hero software usability.
  • Generate reports and collect data to aid the management team in making decisions.
  • Create and maintain the documentation around the team’s changing processes.
  • Adopt new and existing tools, processes, and capabilities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the team, and better serve the customer.
  • Create and support strategies to help increase client engagement and satisfaction through the interactions of implementation and support team members.
  • Define goals for the team and inspire confidence and provide encouragement to the team, in their progress to reaching those goals.
  • Oversee and adjust internal processes to help bring down business costs in relation to the support and implementation process, without sacrificing any quality of service.
  • Be innovative, with the goal to simplify processes, in order to help the teams run more efficiently and increase client satisfaction.

Competencies Required:

  • Leadership - establishes clear vision, shares vision with the team and provides knowledge, tools and methods to help realise that vision.
  • Negotiator - Coordinates and balances the conflicting interests of team members and other stakeholders.
  • Strong Communicator - has strong skills in relation to conveying information, both written and oral. Is able to communicate clearly and be easily understood.
  • Collaborator - Is able to develop and maintain partnerships inside and outside of the organisation to help provide support and results to the business.
  • Customer Orientation - Is able to demonstrate concern for the satisfying of external and or internal customers.
  • Analytical Thinker - Has the ability to tackle any challenge by using logical, systematic, and or a sequential approach.
  • Fosters Innovation - Is able to develop, sponsor or support the introduction of new and improved method, products, procedures or technologies

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